About Us (Me, actually)


Film photography lover

My name is Gandhi and, like you, I am a film photography enthusiast. I still remember my dad’s  (long-lost) 35 mm Minolta camera with its cool strap and heavy build, and how he liked to take pictures (he still does, but with digital now). I also remember how my aunt gave me my first camera (a 110 and, decades later, my actual first 35 mm camera, a Pentax Spotmatic). Point being, I’ve been around film photography since I was a kid. However it was not until 2010 that I took a formal and more methodic approach to it. Since then, I’ve taught film photography courses, including darkroom techniques. I’ve also amassed a small collection of functional film cameras, ranging from 35 mm Nikons, Canons, and Minoltas (among others), to medium format Mamiyas and a large format Toyo 45 D. My passion for film photography also motivated me to start a (Spanish language) photography blog that I’ve maintained since 2019. I’ve also self-published some film (analog) photography log notebooks for 35 mm, medium format, large format, and darkroom processes.  

So this brings us to this new venture, where I share and celebrate the art of film photography with a store that will allow us to express our love for the medium in a fun, stylish, and unique way. Most (but not all) of the designs featured in the store will be original (the store will be in constant change, given how I/we will be adding new designs every once in a while). 

Please reach out if you have any comments, questions, suggestions. I’ll be thrilled to hear from you!

*By the way, the portrait was taken by my buddy Luis with a Mamiya RB67 and Fuji 200 ISO, 35 mm color negative film (that’s why the image covers, and extends beyond, the sprocket holes).